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See why global TMC FROSCH chooses our virtual card corporate travel payments solution.

Corporate Travel Payments

Keep business travelers compliant with corporate travel policies while reducing fraud and simplifying expense reconciliations. Our globalVCard virtual card solution keeps payments secure and travelers accountable.

Control and Compliance

Centralized payment through our virtual card system provides superior control and ensures that only authorized travel can be booked.

Automated Reconciliation

One virtual credit card number per transaction enables accurate reconciliation and accountability.

Fraud Reduction

Single-use virtual credit card numbers become invalid after the transaction is complete, eliminating the risk of your stored card number being compromised.

  • “CSI’s globalVCard virtual card program is the one we’ll be recommending to all of our clients.”

    Mark Weston MacNair Travel
  • “In addition to the ease and security of the virtual card program, we don’t have to pay people to stand at the fax machine all day.”

    Mark Weston MacNair Travel
  • “CSI’s culture, commitment and knowledge gives us confidence that they will find the right payment solutions for our customers.”

    Brett Leslie FROSCH
  • “We are looking forward to getting our 4,000+ employees on the globalVCard program. The efficiencies will prevent us from having to hire another full time employee.”

    Jacci Lentz Corporate Travel Manager, Uline
  • “From booking travel to auditing and payment, we see such great benefits from this one solution.”

    Karen Hatch Corporate Travel Consultant
Benefits of Our Virtual Card Corporate Travel Payments Solution

Integration with TMC

API integration with travel management company’s booking system.

Mobile Convenience

Reservation data is pushed to the traveler’s mobile device.

Easy Reconciliation

One card number per transaction greatly simplifies reconciliation.

Compliant Bookings

Single-use virtual card payments for approved air, hotel and car reservations.


Single-use virtual cards eliminate the risk of stored credit card data.

Hotel Direct Billing

Hotel’s required CC authorization form is faxed prior to arrival.

How It Works
1. Reservation is Booked
1. Reservation is Booked

Corporate traveler submits reservation request to TMC. Through an integration with globalVCard, authorized travel is booked and paid for in the exact amount via a single-use virtual credit card number.

2. Mobile Convenience
2. Mobile Convenience

Our free app enables the reservation data to be pushed to the traveler’s mobile device. The traveler has the mobile ability to manually re-fax the hotel authorization form during check-in, eliminating the direct billing challenge.

3. Robust Reporting
3. Robust Reporting

Because single-use virtual cards are tied to a specific transaction, expenses can easily be reported by traveler, trip or department. globalVCard provides the ability to track and reconcile data in any way needed.

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  • “From booking travel to auditing and payment, we see such great benefits from this one solution.”

    Karen Hatch Corporate Travel Consultant
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