Secure payments couldn’t be easier

Wherever there’s a need for simple, secure business payments, globalVCard delivers.

Ghost Cards

CSI’s virtual cards are ideal when used as ghost cards for social media and other digital marketing campaigns. A unique virtual card number per campaign offers better control and easier reporting.

Better Control

Instantly create unique virtual card numbers for each client or campaign, with real-time controls to prevent overspending.

Easier Reporting

Since each card number is designated for a specific client or campaign, expense data is easy to reconcile and report.

Rebate Revenue

Unlimited cash back rewards for all virtual card transactions make ghost cards another way to grow your monthly rebate revenue.

Ghost Card Side Image
  • “I’m able to set up separate cards within minutes for each client and site, and can turn off the card to ensure we don’t overspend.”

    Margaret Beatty Controller, PGR Media
  • “Because each card profile is designated for a specific client or campaign, account reconciliations are a breeze.”

    Mim Davis VP/CFO, Sq1
  • “CSI gives me the flexibility I don’t have with traditional ghost cards.”

    Margaret Beatty Controller, PGR Media
More Flexibility and Control than Traditional Ghost Cards

Save Time

Simplify Reporting

Prevent Overspending

Earn Rebate

Contact us and see how our ghost cards can help you better manage digital campaigns.

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