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Accounts Payable

Automate payments and turn AP into a revenue generator.

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Corporate Travel

Keep business travelers compliant and reduce your risk of fraud.

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Cross-Border Payments

Pay domestic and overseas vendors with ease.

White Paper: 2017 Electronic Payments Report by PayStream Advisors

PayStream believes that today’s electronic payments options are too advantageous in terms of efficiency and savings to forego. Organizations should explore all available ePayments opportunities for the success of their back-office operations, their bottom line, and their long run competitive advantage.

  • "With ePayments solutions, the most obvious savings come from reducing processing costs from manual and paper payments."

    PayStream Advisors
Customer Spotlight: Texas Rangers

See why the Texas Rangers CFO is a big fan of the globalVCard electronic payment system as she discusses the ease, vendor acceptance and results experienced.

Electronic Accounts Payable

An easy, convenient and highly secure way to manage 100% of your payables – guaranteed to deliver immediate ROI. With a single file upload we can automate all your corporate payments: virtual card, ACH, check or FX.

  • “No cost and the ability to earn cash rebates on payments? It sounded too good to be true. But it’s so easy, completely seamless and CSI did all the work. It’s a no-brainer.”

    Mick Nissen Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club
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