Optimize your company’s B2B payment process

Still paying your vendors with checks and ACH?


What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is a single use credit card with an exact dollar amount. Because all card numbers are single use, each number is tied with each invoice number, making payment much more secure, and the reconciliation process much easier.

One platform, multiple payment disbursements
Supports virtual card, ACH, FX and China domestic payment
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Improve work efficiency – reduce the old manual time, make better use of staff time


Increase payment security – no longer worry about credit card fraud and manual errors

Customer Support

Manual Customer Support – Proprietary Account Manager, ready to answer questions about you

Zero Cost

No cost input – zero cost makes globalVCard payment service

Cash Return

Payment at the same time to the enterprise to add new profits – monthly cash return, payment also benefit

No Integration

No IT system integration – no change to existing workflow and financial systems.

Corporate Travel
From booking payment to reconciliation, beginning to end corporate travel solution. Increase transparency of corporate travel payments

Easy Management




Simple Reconciliation


Payment Security

“Those employees (who were previously processing checks) can be much more strategic with their time and add more value to the company.”

– Mark Hays CFO, Destination Hotels

About Us

CEO and founding President, Keith Stone, started CSI Enterprises 1989. Through global perspective and extraordinary vision, CSI has become a leading provider of electronic payment programs for accounts payable, corporate travel and fleet fuel. Our ability to forge successful partnerships continues to advance the possibilities of B2B payments.

CSI globalVCard has partnered with fortune 500 company HNA Group’s payment subsidiary company: E-life Financial. Together we are bringing a localized international payment method for our global corporate users.

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