Adding Value to Accounting Software

See how Jonas Construction Software brings new value to customers and grows their business.

Software Companies

Through strategic partnerships with technology/software companies, CSI globalVCard enables partners to offer innovative B2B payment solutions to their clients while creating continuous revenue.

New Value

With globalVCard, your clients gain an industry-leading virtual card payment system and your business earns new revenue on the card spend volume.

A True Partnership

When you partner with CSI, you’ll gain a partner that is committed to your ongoing success, including training, support and marketing services.

Sustainable Revenue Growth

Partnering with CSI provides access to our growing product portfolio and the ability to continually offer new solutions to your customers.

  • "CSI is without a doubt the best possible payment solution for the integration into BirchStreet Systems.”

    Bill Hirsch BirchStreet Systems
  • "The partnership with CSI is definitely a win-win situation. It gives us a value-add for our clients and a competitive advantage for our business”

    Jim Fedigan President, Jonas Club Software
  • "All this is possible due to CSI’s dedication to building a great product and great services for their clients.”

    Ellen Coulter President, Advantage Software
Partnership Models
Product Partners
Side-Product Partners
Product Partners

Strategic product partnerships fuel growth through complementary products or services and allow us to build market share through new offerings, features or functionality. Together with our product partners, we remain at the cutting edge of new technologies that enhance the B2B payment experience.

Benefits of a product partnership with CSI:

  • Rely on our team to help speed innovation and product launches
  • Grow your business with expanded product offerings
  • Generate new revenue based on globalVCard spend volume
Integration Partners
Side-Integration Partners
Integration Partners

Our integration partnership extends the capabilities of your existing software. CSI globalVCard is a natural fit to extend the capabilities of ERP, P2P or other accounting related software providers.

Benefits to you:

  • Add value to existing software offerings with no capital investment
  • Create sustainable new revenue based globalVCard spend volume
  • Build long-term growth through CSI’s evolving, innovative suite of payment solutions

Benefits to your clients:

  • Automate payables and drive significant time and cost savings
  • Earn new monthly revenue just by paying their bills
  • Enjoy the support and expertise of CSI’s account management team
Startup Technology
Startup Technology

In 2015, CSI launched its latest enterprise, CSI Kick Start, Inc., with the purpose of identifying and investing in startup technologies.

Yoke Payments is an example of this initiative. Under CSI’s guidance, the startup is building a national customer base, revolutionizing the self-checkout process, and was honored with the PYMNTS Silver Award for the Best POS Innovation of 2016.

Startup (or stalled) B2B payment technologies interested in exploring the possibilities are encouraged to contact us.

CSI globalVCard: Experience You Can Trust

Customer Focus

Our commitment to customer success is unwavering, whether we are serving your customers or ours.


The ultimate goal of our partnerships is to create value and drive profitability for both of our companies.

Process Improvement

Our technology is built with the purpose of driving efficiencies and significant savings for our customers, and yours.

Partner Spotlight Videos
BirchStreet Systems
BirchStreet Systems

Our partnership with BirchStreet Systems provides an automated procurement-to-payment process for the hospitality industry. Learn why BirchStreet says, “CSI globalVCard is, without a doubt, the best possible payment solution for the integration into BirchStreet Systems.”

Jonas Club Software
Jonas Club Software

Jonas Club Software president, Jim Fedigan, shares what CSI brings to the table as a partner: trust, new revenue and a competitive advantage.

M3 Accounting + Analytics
M3 Accounting + Analytics

See why M3 Accounting + Analytics chose CSI globalVCard, and how M3 customers benefit from our partnership.

Aptech Computer Systems
Aptech Computer Systems

Aptech Computer Systems’ Kim Sieminski talks about her company’s partnership with CSI globalVCard and how their customers benefit from automated payments.

Yoke Payments
Yoke Payments

When Mike and Ben started out, they were just “two guys with a great idea.” With CSI Enterprises, they gained more than VC funding for their startup, Yoke Payments. They also gained the expertise and mentorship needed to evolve their idea into something more than they could ever imagine. The result is innovation that will change the payment landscape for micro markets, vending and self-checkout kiosks. Scan, pay, enjoy with Yoke Payments.

Advantage Software
Advantage Software

A partnership between CSI globalVCard and Advantage Software creates a seamless integration and easy payments for clients. In this video, Advantage Software President, Ellen Coulter, shares the three key benefits offered to clients: a completely automated payment process, higher vendor acceptance, and easy implementation and reconciliation.

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