We’ve built our enterprise SaaS platform with developers in mind: open, flexible and scalable.

Open API for Developers

Through our API, approved developers can integrate third party systems with globalVCard and begin issuing secure, virtual credit card payments – via the web or mobile – for their B2B payments.



globalVCard enables businesses to issue secure virtual credit card numbers with the ability to control each transaction: authorized dollar amount, EXP, single-use, MCC groups and more.


With no files to send, no exchange of bank information, a card number that expires after the authorized transaction(s) and no risk of lost checks, globalVCard is the most secure way to make B2B payments.

Speed and Efficiency

Issue approved B2B virtual card payments from anywhere, without third party interaction. Payments can be made immediately with full visibility of real-time transaction details.

Universal Acceptance

The globalVCard API enables the creation and management of secure, virtual credit card numbers, offering global acceptance through some of the world’s largest card networks.

Flexible APIs

Flexible APIs can be customized. This ensures complete flexibility to append your own data to meet your company’s unique reconciliation and reporting needs.

Developer Support

Approved developers will have access to our online resources and toolkit. Our support team is always ready to provide additional assistance and answer technical questions.

Request the CSI Developer Guide

We encourage developers to integrate with CSI. Our APIs use a modern JSON-based RESTful architecture for open and flexible integrations and uses OAuth2 for secure authentication of applications and users.

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