Virtual Card Payments Success

See how we’re winning over even the toughest skeptics with our virtual card solution.

Virtual Credit Card Payments for Businesses

Virtual credit card payments are the ideal way to pay, offering unmatched security, control, easy reconciliation and cash back rewards. With a single-use credit card number, virtual card payments significantly lower the risk of fraud – and you’ll earn unlimited monthly revenue based on your virtual card spending.

Highly Secure

A single-use virtual credit card number is issued for payment. Once the transaction is complete, the number becomes invalid, minimizing the risk of fraud.

Fully Integrated

globalVCard paysystems can be integrated with your ERP or accounting system for simplified reconciliation and reporting.


Similar to corporate purchasing card programs, monthly cash back rewards are earned based on virtual credit card spend.

Ready to put virtual card payments to work for your business?
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  • “The thought of moving hundreds of vendors to electronic payments scares people off. But CSI did it all. It was the easiest transition I’ve ever gone through.”

    Michele Schneider Director of Finance, Trump SoHo
  • “With globalVCard, we’re able to time our payments to the half hour and our vendors appreciate us for that”

    Mike Ulrich CFO, GeoMedia
  • “Suppliers look at it as a cost of doing business...we have seen no increase in prices and have seen significant rebates back to our company.”

    Chris Garland SVP Operations Finance, Four Seasons
  • “We have an even better relationship with our vendors now because CSI has such a great relationship with them.”

    Margaret Beatty Controller, PGR Media
  • “I was so surprised that the CSI team had enrolled 50% of my vendors during the initial campaign.”

    Serge Laroche Regional Financial Controller, Fairmont

Benefits of the globalVCard accounts payable system

No Cost

Our small admin fee is offset by the new revenue you’ll earn, making globalVCard a no-cost enterprise solution.

New Revenue

Earn monthly cash back rewards based on virtual card spend, generating new revenue just by paying your bills.


Easily integrates with existing ERP or accounting system to simplify reconciliation and save staff time.


Single-use virtual card numbers become invalid once the transaction is complete, eliminating the risk of stolen card numbers or lost checks.

Greater Efficiency

globalVCard paysystems automates payments, mirroring existing workflow processes while eliminating the risk of manual errors.

Fully Supported

CSI handles 100% of the initial vendor enrollment and will fully train and support your team with our award-winning customer service.

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