Partnership Opportunities

We could tell you that we’re great to work with, but it’s always better to hear from our customers.

Grow Your Business with a CSI globalVCard Partnership

We are focused on driving market share through trusted partnerships and provide multiple revenue opportunities for our partners.


Capitalize on the rising need for electronic payments and create a new, long-term revenue stream.


CSI’s end-to-end solutions include training, vendor enablement, technical support and customer service from our award-winning teams.


By partnering with CSI, you’ll remain at the forefront of payments with the ability to continually offer innovative products to your customers.

  • "CSI has been a great partner. They understand the various card programs and how to make their payables program work for the benefit of our bank and our customers.”

    Matt Minchow Executive Vice President, Mutual of Omaha Bank
  • "The partnership with CSI is definitely a win-win situation. It gives us a value-add for our clients and a competitive advantage for our business”

    Jim Fedigan President, Jonas Club Software
  • “CSI’s culture, commitment and knowledge gives us confidence that they will find the right payment solutions for our customers.”

    Brett Leslie FROSCH
Multiple Ways to Drive Revenue through a CSI globalVCard Partnership


Banks gain a competitive advantage and grow their commercial card business by offering our industry-leading corporate payment solution to their commercial clients.


Software Companies

Either through integration, complementary products or startup technologies, software partners enable continued growth in the market, both domestically and abroad.


Travel Management Companies

With globalVCard directly integrated into a TMC’s booking system, secure virtual cards are generated for corporate travel reservations, ensuring compliance, security and easy reconciliation.



Through our APIs, developers can integrate third party systems with globalVCard and generate virtual credit cards for their B2B payments.

Capitalize on the growing demand for electronic payment solutions and gain a competitive advantage with globalVCard.

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