Total AP Solution

One platform for all your domestic and international payments.

International Payments

From USD to CNY, and 140 currencies in between, CSI globalVCard can meet all your organization’s international payments needs.

Seamless Money Transfer

With globalVCard, you can move money safely, quickly and intelligently through our web or mobile portal, 24/7.

Low Cost, No Hidden Fees

Benefit from the best rates we’ve already negotiated with some of the world’s largest, fully regulated, international payment providers.

Transparent Currency Conversion

CSI globalVCard can settle payments in over 140 currencies with the ability to lock in exchange rates before payments go out.

How our International Payment Solution Works

From one platform you can manage international payments as easily as your domestic payments.


1. Payments Requested

Customer payment file uploaded to GPS with requested currency

2. Rates Locked

GPS locks in best rate from FX providers and settles foreign payment

3. Files Exchanged

FX provider sends settlement details back to customer through GPS

4. Payments Made

Customer funds payment to FX provider through GPS

  • "The world is full of friction – things that get in the way of getting a job done. CSI takes that all away.”

    Richard Crum Group Head, New Product Development, Mastercard

Complex Markets, Including China

We’ve removed the complexity of overseas payments so you can focus on business.

Full Transparency
Full Transparency

Transactions settle directly in your foreign suppliers’ native currency with full transparency, and without hidden fees.

Negotiating Power
Negotiating Power

Suppliers may offer pricing discounts of up to 10% with better terms when larger transactions are settled in local currency.


Cross border payments are part of our Total AP solution – integrated with your ERP for simplified reconciliation and reporting.

Since 1989, more than 10,000 customers have relied on CSI’s innovative payment solutions.

We’re a company that’s committed to the future of payments, continually bringing the world simpler, more secure payment solutions.

Contact us and see how we can help you better manage international payments.

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