Electronic Accounts Payable

Still writing paper checks?

See why these 15 CFOs say “ditch the paper” after transitioning to electronic accounts payable.

Electronic Accounts Payable

Our award-winning electronic accounts payable platform, globalVCard paysystems, is an easy and highly secure way to manage 100% of your payables – guaranteed to deliver immediate ROI. With a single file upload, we can securely automate all of your payments: virtual card, ACH, GVC Network, check or FX.

Reduce Operating Costs

globalVCard paysystems has streamlined AP for thousands of customers. You’ll experience near immediate efficiency gains, reduced costs and new revenue with unlimited monthly cash rewards.

Simplify Account Reconciliation

Directly integrated with your existing ERP or accounting software, globalVCard paysystems will automate payments and greatly simplify the expense reconciliation process.

Optimize Cash Flow

With globalVCard, you have full control over payments and can choose to pay vendors immediately, or schedule payments for future disbursements.

Invoice Receiving Made Simple

No more emails, no more snail mail. Suppliers upload invoices to globalvCard, closing the loop on AP automation. Vendors can option for early pay discounts based on your preferences.

  • “No cost and the ability to earn cash rebates on payments? It sounded too good to be true. But it’s so easy, completely seamless and CSI did all the work. It’s a no-brainer.”

    Mick Nissen Controller, Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club
  • “We are able to turn these overhead departments into revenue generating departments.”

    Jerry Dresel CFO, DeJana Truck & Utility Equip
  • “We’re able to pay our vendors faster, reconcile accounts quicker and close out the month easier.”

    Margaret Beatty Controller, PGR Media
  • “The paper trail was costly in many ways. Every check I don’t cut saves significant dollars and time.”

    Jack Fritsche CFO, Donohoe Hospitality
ROI Guaranteed

With cash back rewards offsetting our low monthly fee, you’ll make money by using globalVCard paysystems.


Every check your business eliminates saves $10 or more. Our virtual card system also reduces the cost of fraud from lost checks and stolen credit cards.


By replacing manual processes with globalVCard, our customers report operating more efficiently and reducing the time required to process payables by 50% or more.


Your business will earn unlimited cash rebates every month based on qualifying spend. We have customers earning over $1MM annually just by paying their bills.

Total Accounts Payable Solution

One payment interface to manage all of your business payments:

Customer Spotlight: Geomedia

Within three weeks, 70% of Geomedia’s vendors were enrolled in the globalVCard program. Listen as the CFO describes the time and cost savings that transformed this Toronto-based agency.

Fully Supported Electronic Accounts Payable Solution

When we say ‘fully supported,’ we mean it. CSI is consistently recognized for our best-in-class enablement services, which you won’t find with any other payment provider. All of our solutions include:

Vendor Enrollment

CSI’s industry leading enablement teams exceed the industry average by more than 3x!

Training and Implementation

We’ll get your team fully trained and your new payment system launched in as little as two weeks.

Dedicated Account Management

You’ll enjoy attentive support by your team of AP-certified professionals who remain committed to your success.

All this at no out-of-pocket cost. Allow us to help you turn your AP department into a profit center.

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