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2017 Electronic Payments Report by PayStream Advisors


When managing B2B operations, one of the top goals for many organizations is to make safe and secure supplier payments with minimal effort and maximum speed. However, many organizations spend more effort and time overseeing the process than they would like. While many different options are available to streamline payments, organizations typically end up using the tools with which they are most comfortable, and that they perceive to be the simplest and safest. In most cases, these commonly-used tools are check and ACH payments.


To determine the current state of electronic Business-to-Business (B2B) payments, PayStream Advisors surveyed over 300 individuals from a variety of industries and organization sizes. Research shows that most companies use checks and ACH for the majority of their supplier
payments, Check payments have been a prominent B2B payment method for several decades, and it is the preferred method for many companies, followed by ACH payments.

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  • "With ePayments solutions, the most obvious savings come from reducing processing costs from manual and paper payments."

    PayStream Advisors

Benefits of the globalVCard accounts payable system

No Cost

Our small admin fee is offset by the revenue you’ll earn, resulting in a no-cost enterprise solution.

New Revenue

Earn monthly cash back rewards based on virtual card spend, generating new revenue just by paying your bills.


Easily integrates with existing ERP or accounting system to simplify reconciliation and save staff time.


Single-use virtual card numbers become invalid once the transaction is complete, eliminating the risk of stolen card numbers or lost checks.

Greater Efficiency

globalVCard paysystems automates payments, mirroring existing workflow processes while eliminating the risk of manual errors.

Fully Supported

CSI handles 100% of the initial vendor enrollment and will fully train and support your team with our award-winning customer service.

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