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Book your business travel online and use the globalVCard mobile app on your travels, to see your trip details,
get directions, access hotel authorization forms and even book an Uber, straight from your mobile device.

Improve the Way You Book Corporate Travel

Book Air or Rail

Custom location searches, unused tickets notifications, and compliance policy alerts.

Book Hotel

Interactive booking map with built-in compliance parameters including preferred hotel choices.

Book Car

Interactive booking map similar to hotel plus add-on options for navigation and other features.

Booking Business Travel Has Never Been Easier

Control and Compliance

Say farewell to rogue employee spending with built-in approval tools including preferred travel supplier rates and secure payment options.

Robust Reporting

Enjoy compliance policy reports, travel locator map for increased duty of care, and unused ticket reports.

Mobile Convenience

Give travelers access to authorization forms and virtual cards.

Executive Friendly

Select from multiple travel policies.

Secure Payments

Keep criminal creepers at bay with single-use virtual credit card numbers generated at time of booking to pay for travel.

Simplified Reconciliation

Experience a streamlined process where every reservation is tied to a specific virtual card number.

Duty of Care

Gain full visibility of your travelers, at all times.

Phenomenal Support

Get the customer service you need 24/7 via live chat, phone, text, or email.

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Powered by AmTrav

Real-time access to all published and negotiated travel rates are powered by AmTrav’s online booking tool which is seamlessly integrated with the CSI globalVCard payment platform.

AmTrav also acts as the Travel Management Company (TMC) for corporate travelers using the booking tool instead of a business travel agency. Reservations are automatically accessible via the globalVCard mobile app where travelers can view details and send hotel authorization forms directly from their phone.

The globalVCard virtual card solution ensures employee compliance with corporate travel management policies through automated approvals that allow only authorized purchase types and amounts. Virtual credit card numbers can be assigned per transaction to simplify expense reconciliations and eliminate the risk of fraud often associated with stored credit card numbers.

Other innovative payment solutions from CSI globalVCard

Virtual Credit Cards

With a single-use credit card number, virtual card payments significantly lower the risk of fraud – and you’ll earn unlimited monthly revenue based on your virtual card spending.

Ghost Card Side Image
Ghost Cards

Ghost cards are ideal when used for social media and other digital marketing campaigns. A unique virtual card number per campaign offers better control and easier reporting.

Box-Header-Currency Board
Cross-Border Payments

From USD to CNY, and 140 currencies in between, CSI globalVCard can meet all your organization’s international payments needs. Lock in exchange rates before payments go out.

Box-Header-accounts payable
Total AP

Easy and highly secure way to manage 100% of your payables. With a single file upload, we can securely automate all of your payments: virtual card, ACH, Network, Check or FX.

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