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Global-Fleet Fuel Card announces the addition of new control and savings features for fleet businesses of all sizes. For more than twenty years, Global-Fleet has offered leading cost-saving tools for fleet businesses. New program features bring additional savings to companies and allow fleet managers even greater control over all fuel spending with a variety of customizable limits and alerts assignable to each individual card, driver and vehicle.

In an economy where fleet managers must scrutinize every dollar spent, Global-Fleet’s comprehensive savings features are imperative to optimizing savings. Recent features added to the Global-Fleet Fuel Card include setting specific spending limits for daily, weekly and monthly cycles, and restricting purchases to specific days of the week and time of day. Other limits include restricting purchases to specific states or zip codes, as well as specific vendors, or type of sale.

Additionally, fleet managers may establish email and text alerts for purchases exceeding a designated dollar amount, number of transactions, or purchases made at certain times, days, places, or unusual product or invalid fuel types.

“Eliminating unwanted spending is critical to every fleet business, especially in our economy where every dollar counts,” explained Keith Stone, Global-Fleet CEO/President. “Utilizing all of the new control and savings features – from setting appropriate limits to being alerted to any unusual spending – along with all the other program features that have been the foundation of the Global-Fleet program, can help fleet businesses save up to 15% on their fuel expenses.”

Existing features include requiring PIN and odometer prompting at the point-of-sale, restricting cards to either fuel only or fuel and maintenance, and online access for account reporting and maintenance. Comprehensive reports allow fleet managers to analyze the efficiency of their fleets, including vehicle and driver reports, miles-per-gallon reports, a multitude of exception report options and detailed transaction reports.

For fleet businesses of all sizes, saving money on fuel expenses is critical to keeping a competitive edge. Global-Fleet Fuel Card’s comprehensive savings features provide fleet managers with the necessary tools to optimize savings.

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About Global-Fleet and CSI Enterprises, Inc.
CSI Enterprises, Inc. provides a specific line of controlled financial payment products including business fleet fueling/maintenance payment cards, a corporate virtual payment card and card solutions for corporate purchasing, travel and entertainment spending. Today CSI and its products operate in all fifty states including Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, with operating subsidiaries involved in municipal tax reclamation, venture capital and real estate development activities nationwide. Since 1988, CSI Enterprises, Inc. was the first and largest U.S. organization to have a successful corporate asset management and payment network throughout the U.S. and Latin America. The Global-Fleet Fuel Card is utilized by thousands of US based company fleets of all types and sizes.

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